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Terms Of Use Agreement Between You and The JMBG

Terms Of Use Agreement Between You and The JMBG

Updated Last on, June 1, 2018

1. Supplemental and Ownership

a. Please read this agreement carefully. This contract governs your use of JMBG service(s). By using or accessing the service, you confirm that you agree to these terms, as well as the terms of The JMBG Privacy Policy. If you do not agree you may not use JMBG services. Use of our service(s) is a privilege and not a right. The JMBG reserves the right to revoke or ban any person or persons at any time without notice or reason. JMBG owns all information contained in its logs and severs, you have no claim or right to any information electronic or otherwise unless stated in this agreement.

b. Graphics/Web Design is a paid service and copyright ownership belongs to the purchaser only when the entire transaction is complete. All works created under this service are owned and copyrighted by The JMBG until those works have been paid for in full. Upon request The JMBG may provide "hard copies" of this information and reserves the right to charge for such.

c. Security Monitoring is a paid service provided to you by The JMBG. The service is intended to provide monitoring and alerting services for home or commercial security. The service is provided as is and is not an offer of insurance.

2. Warranty

a. All of our services are provided as is and with no warranties of any kind unless otherwise stated in this agreement. The JMBG will not be held liable for anything but not limited to; data loss, bugs, glitches, viruses, malware or damages of any kind physical or electronic.

b. Claims must be submitted within 90 days. Any claims submitted after 90 days may be dismissed or otherwise handled at The JMBG's sole discretion. This clause applies to all warranties The JMBG provides unless otherwise stated.

c. Web/Services Hosting customers: The JMBG warrants that the service(s) you have paid for will be operational and running 99% of the time. Minimal downtime may be required from time to time for server and network maintenance and must be acceptable. This clause is only applicable to the service(s) and the service fees, whereby we will reverse the service fees for the downtime in question. The JMBG will only warrant issues native to The JMBG's equipment and network.

d. Data & Information is not warranted in any way. It is your sole responsibility to maintain, manage, and backup your data stored on our servers and within our service(s).

e. Security Monitoring is not an offer of insurance nor a replacement for insurance. Warranty is limited to the service being provided and available 99.9% of the time, with damages being limited to the corresponding service fees. The JMBG will not be liable for any damages caused directly or indirectly for loss or failure of service.

3. Use of Service(s)

You agree to use our services and comply with all local and international laws. You may not use our service(s) for any illegal purposes including but not limited to; copyright infringement, computer crimes, harassment, or hate crimes. You and only you are responsible for actions taken with your access to our services. You are also responsible for any of the content you post or send using our services. Without explicit permission from The JMBG you may not automate use of our services or servers (eg, bots or spiders). You may NOT under any circumstances use our services for SPAM purposes.

4. Content

The JMBG is not responsible in any way for the content provided, used, or distributed by its users. The JMBG is also not responsible for content provided by any third party organizations which may appear in various service(s). The users and content providers themselves are responsible for their use of the services and/or content they provide, use, or distribute.

5. Privacy

Privacy is completely governed by our privacy policy.

6. Changes to this Agreement

a. We reserve the right to change this agreement at any time without lieu or notice. The new terms are applicable as soon as we update them and it is your responsibility to check these terms and ensure you agree with them unless otherwise stated.

b. Paid Services/Subscriptions: You will be notified by e-mail or mail of the update to these terms. You have 30 days from receipt of this information where the old terms will remain in effect. If you have a contract or agreement with us, the old terms will remain in effect until your contract or term has expired.

7. Paid Services/Subscriptions

You have no claim on services that you have not paid for. You agree to pay all invoices by the specified due date (on the invoice). You must report any discrepancies or disputes immediately by phone or mail to The JMBG. By paying your invoice you are also accepting and confirming that it is correct and accurate. We reserve the right and will handle unpaid invoices at our sole discretion and not according to a set policy or system. We reserve the right to charge interest penalty for late payment(s) at rate(s) of no more than 2%.

8. Termination

a. Both you and The JMBG reserves the right to terminate this agreement and your services at any time without notice or reason unless otherwise stated. If this agreement has been terminated you must stop using the services. Any information or data contained within the respective services may be deleted at the time of termination.

b. Paid Services/Subscriptions: You must notify The JMBG by phone or in writing if you wish to terminate your subscription(s) or service(s). Unless supplied by another agreement The JMBG will terminate both your services and billing as of the date which we are notified. You may not just stop using or paying for your service(s)/subscription(s) and expect us to stop billing you.