The JMBG Network

The JMBG Network

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Networking Services

Networking Services

Wired and Wireless Networking Solutions

Wired Networking Installation

We are the experts to engineer your networking solutions! We can get your home or business wired - and networked. With our vast knowledge and experience we will give your network Life. With the ever increasing amount of devices that will only run on WiFi, anything that can be wired, should be wired.

Wireless Networking Installation

From small home networks to large scalable commercial/industrial applications - When wireless is the way to go, we are the experts you want to consult. We can provide a one-stop shop for your wireless networking applications!

Solid Copper Coax - Quad Shield

Simply put: the best cable for a variety of applications. Swept tested for up to 3Ghz with low loss - Nothing beats our wiring for cable, cctv, satellite or radio signals. When you get your cabling installed, you want it to last and for it to work - why would you settle for anything else? Whether it's for TV Cable, Satellite or Radio - Our wires will outperform anything other wire/cable contractors have.

Voice/Data Wiring & Installation

Quality of service is our goal. Our standard for all voice/data installations is Cat6 (category 6) which vastly outperforms Cat5e. From large rack-mounted solutions to small simple installs - we have you covered.

Seamless Networking Solutions

We provide free estimates, great consulting and end-to-end solutions. We can provide the equipment, take care of integration, setup, and installation.

IP-PBX Solutions

Looking for an efficient and cost effective PBX system or solution? We can design your voice/phone system from the ground up - from the wiring right down to a customized PBX end-game solution that works for you! We offer full support for Asterisk based systems..