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Installation Services

Installation Services

Electronics installation and setup services.

Commercial, Industrial & Residential Audio/Video Installations

Whether it is your home, or business - we have you covered.

Row of TV's that were just mounted

We Cover

  • TV mounting / installation and setup
  • Home Audio/Video ( receiver, amp etc. ) installation and setup
  • Speaker setup & installation
  • The solution that you need
  • Home theater installation and setup
  • Projector and Screen mounting
  • Various home, office, and boardroom electronics - just ask us!

TV Mounting & Installation

Some things should be done by professionals. Mounting a TV is one of them! Whether you're mounting a TV for your home or business, we are the professionals. We can safely mount your TV to almost any wall - We supply a great selection of mounts to meet any task. We can use most mounts you may already have.

TV's have become lighter and less expensive over the years, but that is no reason to take chances of it falling. Make sure it's done right whether you decide to make it a DIY project or if you have a professional complete the work.

Our process is time honored and reliable. If we mounted it, it is there to stay.

Home Theater Installation & Setup

We can help you with all of your Home Theater wiring and installation requirements. We provide free on-site consultations to help you figure out the right solution for you. We can mount your projectors,screens, TV's, Speakers, hide the wiring ( fish the cables ), and/or run conduit and give you that clean look you need.

Electronics Setup and Installation

From installation of your in-wall speakers, mounting your sound bar, to the hookup & setup of your receiver/audio equipment - we will bring your vision to life.

We can cut gromets or special ports into your tables and work stations, build custom shelving, fabricate special mounting equipment and so much more. There is no better team to engineer and execute solutions for your home or business.

Audio Systems & Speaker Installation

Want some ambient noise in your home or business? We can provide and install complete audio systems including in-wall and in-ceiling speakers, rack mounted solutions and more!

Centralized Audio Video Installation

All Audio Video equipment in the home is installed in one place

Eliminate clutter and put everything in one place.

All your audio video equipment can be installed in one central location, cleaning up all the clutter and eliminating the need to have equipment at each TV / Projector location!