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Wiring Services

We are here to address just about any wiring needs you have for your home or business.

cat6 wall plate


  • the best quality wire and equipment
  • professional installers
  • control over your installation
  • the solution that you need
  • wires that will out perform standards
Clear the Wire Jungle

Networking Switch with Cat6 Patch Cords Plugged in

stripped cat6 wire

Cat6 (Category 6) Wiring

We use Cat6 almost exclusivly for Internet/Ethernet, phone and security system wiring. Capable of delivering up to 12Gbps - your installation is futureproof. With so many devices competing for WiFi bandwidth these days - it is ever so important that anything that can be wired - be wired. For more information see our networking page.

coax cable and connector

Solid Copper Coax - Quad Shield

Simply put: the best cable for a variety of applications. Swept tested for up to 3Ghz with low loss - Nothing beats our wiring for cable, cctv, satellite or radio signals. When you get your cabling installed, you want it to last and for it to work - why would you settle for anything else? Whether it's for TV Cable, Satellite or Radio - Our wires will outperform anything other wire/cable contractors have.

wire fishing

Wiring, Cable Fishing

Whether your walls are open or you have a fully finished space - we got you covered. If any modifications are required - we take care of that too, and it is covered in our rates. We perform professional drywall repair, and any other minor repairs required. You might be supprise at how often or how few holes need to be cut to get a finished spaced wired. Whether it is your home or office - you want it to look nice. Get the most discrete wiring possible!

partially constructed home

New Construction - Prewire

When your building a new home - It is important to plan out all of your needs but also the possible needs of the next owners. Having most or all of the rooms wired with the best cabling for both coax and category cable is paramount. We are networking and technology experts - understanding the science behind the signals that travel through those wires.

before and after drywall fix

Drywall & Minor Repairs

In fully finished homes there are many cases where a hole might need to be cut, or a baseboard removed. We complete these repairs automatically and they are already covered in the rates. For the case of drywall; as long as you have matching paint - you would never know.

Industrial Location

Commercial, Industrial & Residental Wiring

Whether it is your home, or business - we have you covered.

Structured Wiring

With all the wires we need to keep our lives and businesses running these days, the need to keep it structured and organized is paramount. When it comes to servicing or expanding - having a structured wiring solution that is neat and orgaized saves time and money.

We Service the Following Locations

Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph, Woodstock, London, Hamilton, Ancaster, Brantford, Stratford, Elmira ( Baden, New Hamburg, Tavistock, Shakespeare, St. Jacobs, Bright, Stratford, St. Agatha, Mannheim, New Dundee, St. Clements, Breslau, Ayr, Wallenstein, Paris, Elora, Fergus, Hespeler, Preston, Innerkip, Aberfoyle )

We may travel outside of our footprint for an additional travel charge - Free estimates and on-site consulting is provided for in-area locations only.